Future Tenses

Future Simple (will/won’t + infinitive)

  • Predictions/opinions about the future not based on evidence
    Next summer will be very eventful.
  • Spontaneous decisions
    There is no sugar left. I will go to the supermarket and buy some.
  • Requests
    Will you help me with this heavy bag?
  • Promises
    I will start dieting from next year onwards.

To Be Going To + Infinitive

  • Predictions based on evidence
    The sky is so dark. It is going to snow.
  • Plans/Intentions
    I am going to have dinner with my boyfriend tonight.

Present Continuous (am/is/are +Ving)

  • Short term plans or arrangements (specific time or place)
    I am visiting my grandparents next week.

Present Simple

  • Timetables, arrangements and fixed events (which the speaker cannot change)
    The train departs at 6:15 from track six.
  • After if in first conditional and zero conditional tenses
    If technology continues to advance so quickly, what will life be like in a hundred years?
  • After certain words and phrases (when, as soon as, before, after, until/till, while, once)
    Let’s have a pizza after we visit the natural history museum.
    Let me know as soon as you receive the package.

Future Continuous (will/won’t be + Ving)

  • A specific period of time in the future
    This time next week, I will be taking my Maths exam.
  • Habits or repeated actions at a point in the future
    In the future, we will all be flying around using jet-packs.

Future Perfect (will/won’t have +V3)

  • Actions which are completed some time between now and a point in the future
    I will have finished my homework by the time you come home.

Future Perfect Continuous (will/won’t have been + Ving)

  • Actions in progress up to a point in the future
    At five o’clock, I will have been doing my homework for 7 hours!

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