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Welcome to our private English lessons section!

Do you feel that English courses aren’t enough?
Do you realize that private English classes are the key to putting
that long-wanted tick in the box and finally mastering the language?
Then you are in the right place!

With our private classes you get:

  • An experienced teacher
  • One-on-one Skype lessons
  • All the necessary textbooks, materials and files
  • An opportunity to combine work and study with the classes due to a flexible timetable

Scroll down to check out the themes of classes that we provide!

General English Classes

  • From A1 to C2 level
  • Improving your vocabulary
  • Mastering all grammar rules
  • Constant speaking and listening practice
  • Overcoming the language barrier
  • Learning the correct pronunciation
  • Individual approach and friendly atmosphere
  • Price: 12 USD / 60 mins

Speaking Classes

  • Live communication with language experts and native speakers
  • Improving your pronunciation
  • Improving your fluency
  • Engaging discussions on the world news, films, TV series, books and many other topics
  • Price: 12 USD / 60 mins

Business English 

  • For negotiations with foreign partners
  • For daily communication with foreign colleagues
  • For proficient business vocabulary
  • For commercial correspondence with foreign partners
  • For participation in international conferences
  • For presentation of the company stand at international exhibitions
  • For business trips abroad
  • Expertise in specialized areas: marketing, finance, economics
  • Price: 19 USD / 60 mins

International Exams

  • Preparation for international examinations: TOEFL, IELTS
  • Preparation for Cambridge exams: FCE, CAE, CPE
  • Target approach and rewarding results
  • Essay, reports, proposals, formal and informal letter writing
  • Price: 19 USD / 60 mins

Tourist English

  • Preparing for check-in at hotel
  • Mastering the restaurant menu
  • Preparing for the essentials: going to the airport, booking the accommodation and flights, renting a car
  • Preparing for visa interview
  • Price: 12 USD / 60 mins

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3 reviews for Private English Classes

  1. Carol

    I had speaking classes with Diana. She is a very experienced professor and a great person. The lessons were always fun and well-prepared. Boosted my skills a lot! Thank you so much!

  2. Peter

    Diana is a very experienced teacher and I had the great pleasure of being tutored by her! She has a very extensive knowledge of the English language and is ready to help with all my questions. Always prompt to reply with a good example.

  3. Angelina

    Have been using this quarantine to brush up on my English and chose 1taskaday. Thank you so much to Diana, she is such a positive and patient teacher!

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